Chrysalis: A teenager finds herself. A multi-layered short film

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Movies, small or large, on the big or the small screen is another of my passions, and I’m planning of sharing a bit more on this subject as time goes by. Not only do I like watching them. I also like making my own small silly versions. One of the delights of the digital age is that we can all have a go at such things.

My daughter however, has more talent than me (in movie making and circus skills at least) and today I’m sharing the film she made for her New South Wales Higher School Certificate , the final year exams for secondary school children in NSW. She got 42 out of 45 marks for it. A very high score, and she is now studying communications media arts and production (ie film & TV) at the University of Technology Sydney. It’s just over 7 mins long and is very watchable. If you watched her documentary, you might see a style staring to show in her work. Needless to say, this mum is very proud of her.


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