Blogging is sticking your neck out & honking real loud.

When you start a blog, you’re ‘sticking your neck out’ as the old saying goes. You’re pushing your head out of the sand, opening your beak and honking your thoughts to the world. So why am I doing it? To find like minded people, laugh about life ( okay, so it’s probably more of a giggle) and help them be happy, and maybe because I just can’t keep my beak shut.

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Happiness Hint – Have a sky inside you

Consider this analogy. The sky is you and the clouds are the thoughts and emotions that make you unhappy.

Sometimes we think we’re grey but really we aren’t, it just looks that way because we’re not looking past our clouds. Our vision is stuck on the clouds. We think we are our clouds, but really we’re not. We’re as clear and open and free as the sky, and those clouds are just passing through. In order to be happy when our sky is full of clouds, we need to fly above the clouds.

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