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Every morning, Norris watches his goddess walk to the bus stop in front of him, the gap between them far wider than the physical distance. This morning, she stumbles. He wants to help her, but finds himself stuck in a hole that appeared along with his self doubt. Can he find his heroic self before she walks away? 

Author/reviewer Jenny Swartze said . . .

A Hole in the Pavement gave me a sense of a gifted storyteller guiding us through a fable, albeit in a contemporary setting — and with no talking animals.

Maybe “fable” is the wrong word. I’m looking for a descriptor for a story that delves into life and adds a touch of magic to illumine how to live it — with courage.

The characters, Norris and his goddess, are warm and appealing. They could so easily have been left as undeveloped stereotypes to advance the plot and story message. Instead, Norris charmed me.

The magic of “A Hole in the Pavement” was the strength with which relationships were portrayed and developed, including the relationship a person has with themselves, the element of self-perception.”